Why is Planned Preventative Maintenance Important?

Save Your Commercial Business from Spiralling Costs

One of the biggest investments one can make is buying a property. Be it a house or a commercial establishment, a property is the biggest asset most people have, and this means that it needs to be well maintained so as to ensure that its value does not go down in time. If you were to take into account how many things and elements make up a property, you will go on and on. Some of the most obvious ones include plumbing, electricity, lighting, HVAC, roofing, flooring and walls. But there are also various others. Failure to inspect and maintain these on a regular basis will lead to various problems, as well as a reduction in the property value. Therefore planned preventative maintenance is of utmost importance, and the larger a building is, the more critical it becomes.

Planned preventative maintenance should be carried out just as the name implies, with a plan. The plan should state what type of inspection and work will need to be carried out at specified times, such as monthly, quarterly, yearly, and so on. Thanks to a PPM schedule, routine maintenance can repairs can be carried out more easily and at ideal time intervals, and this will also help in staggering the costs rather than ending up paying a considerable amount of money at one go. Thus with a PPM schedule, the annual maintenance cost cycle can be optimised, while also ensuring that the value of the property is maintained and enhanced. Besides, breakdown, failures and other serious problems can be prevented as any problems will most likely be noticed and repaired before they get worse or beyond repair. Therefore planned preventative maintenance can actually lead to cost savings as there will most likely be reduced replacement costs. Equipment, machines, amenities and facilities will also have improved reliability.

Some of the main jobs that are carried out during planned preventative maintenance include:

Air Conditioning Servicing

Air conditioning units can be found in practically every commercial establishment as they are indispensable for a comfortable working environment. However regular air conditioning maintenance servicing need to be carried out to ensure that the units are operating at their utmost efficiency. This not only affects the energy savings but also has an impact on indoor air quality.

UK businesses must have electrics inspected every 5 years by law. Image credit: Mister Sparky

Periodic Electrical Inspections

These are extremely important since a sound electrical system is the foundation of any commercial establishment. Just imagine how many machines, computers, lights and other devices are running in a commercial building! Planned maintenance schedules can guarantee that your electricity system is running properly and gets well maintained, while also making sure that everything is in compliance with statutory guidelines. Emergency light testing and fire alarm maintenance isĀ also important.


The more lighting fixtures there are, the larger the need to check them out periodically so as to make sure that they are operating efficiently, and whenever there is the need, they get replaced. This has a huge impact on energy efficiency and savings.

Regular Heating & Boiler Inspection can save potentially thousands in costs of replacement. Image credit: Saga

Heating & Boiler Servicing

Gas safety inspections should be carried out regularly. Boiler plant maintenance is important, as are hot water plant maintenance. Sometimes adjustments to heating controls will greatly reduce fuel costs. There may be cases where it is more economical to replace a boiler and this can only be ascertained if regular checks are carried out. Heating system repairs are of utmost importance too.

PlumbingĀ & Sanitation

Reliable plumbing is critical for a well-run building. It is important to keep an eye on any leakages no matter how small they may seem. Pipes should be unblocked, drains running properly, and there should not be any problem with toilets flushing. From time to time pipework repairs may be required and drainage problems may easily crop up. Periodic drain cleaning is important. Any cold water storage tanks and boosted pump systems will also be seen to.

Routine maintenance can help to keep track of what is going on in the building, and what needs to be done to improve the running and efficiency of various operations. These ultimately affect costs and profits. Therefore any business needs to place importance on a planned preventative maintenance schedule that can see to all of these aspects. Hiring a company that can see to all of these maintenance services can greatly reduce the demanding nature of the countless things to see to, and jobs to be carried out. Most of these specialists will be licensed professionals who will also help you keep track of what is done and when, while also recommending any changes, ameliorations or replacements that are to be carried out for improved efficiency and savings. Generally a contract is drawn which will also include 24 hour emergency services. For a large commercial establishment this is the most feasible way to go about carrying out planned preventative maintenance.