Personal Injury Claims: Finding the Best Solicitor

Getting Legal Compensation the Right Way

Experiencing any type of personal injury is distressing. Be it a car crash, a fall, a case of medical malpractice, or an accident at work, you deserve compensation for what happened and for what you suffered. Apart from the actual medical consequences and their expenses, most probably you also went through a period where you were unable to go to work. You might have been affected psychologically as well, and your accident or injury may have had a lasting impact on your ability to perform certain tasks, or even an effect on your family. The result of a personal injury are broad and manifold. Thus, the seriousness of the case varies, but regardless of what happened, one thing is for sure – you need the legal assistance of a personal injury lawyer.

The Purpose of Tort Law. Image credit: Github

Understanding tort law

A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who would have specialized in tort law. He or she will have extensive experience in handling such cases, and the main aim will obviously be to help you get what is rightfully yours, financially or otherwise. Choosing a personal injury lawyer that you feel confident in is really important. As you go through your research of prospective personal injury lawyers you will be focusing on a number of factors, including:

  • Their level of experience and years of practice
  • Their reputation
  • Trial experience
  • The cases won
  • Location
  • Fee structure

Apart from these factors, you will also need to ascertain whether the lawyer of your choice is a dedicated one or not. There are many lawyers who unfortunately tackle cases as if they were a number, thus failing to show empathy and understanding to their clients, who are after all going through a difficult period after sustaining this injury or accident. Thus, make sure to feel comfortable with the personal injury lawyer that you intend to choose.

It is also highly recommended to look up some reviews the lawyer’s past clients have posted online about their experience with him/her and the result of the case that the lawyer handled for them.

The personal injury solicitor of your choice will be dealing with your case in a certain manner. The way forward will naturally depend on the severity of your case and the type of personal injury you sustained. Personal injuries can have different repercussions, and the lawyer will be discussing your expectations with you so as to decide the best way forward. In some cases medical negligence or a case of carelessness might even have led to serious injuries, where the victim could not perform to the best of his/her bodily abilities any longer. In some cases serious disabilities or even death may have resulted, and thus there would be grounds to file a lawsuit. The lawyer will be helping you out with his or her legal advice and guidance throughout this difficult period. Choosing the right personal injury lawyer will greatly improve your chances of getting a favourable outcome from your case.

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The personal injury lawyer you hire should be experienced in the type of accident you experienced or the type of injury you sustained. For instance,

  • Slip, trip and fall accidents – generally happen due to negligence to the required maintenance. The owners of the property where the accident happened will be responsible for the unreasonable risk that was posed. This also includes passageways and floors, and the presence of anything that could be deemed hazardous.
  • Road traffic accidents – sometimes people suffer injuries due to a road traffic accident which was not their fault. This could be a pedestrian or a cyclist hit by a passing vehicle, or an injury sustained while you were a passenger in a vehicle, for instance.
  • Workplace accidents and work-related illnesses – an injury suffered at the place of work may lead to proper compensation by the employer. The place of work needs to be safe, and if there has been an accident, it could be due to a hazardous working environment, and this is where the personal injury lawyer will come into play to safeguard your rights as a worker and help you get rightful compensation.
  • Medical negligence – medical malpractice is another part of personal injury law. Basically, if one feels that as a result of medical negligence he/she suffered some form of injury, legal advice is to be sought. Medical providers need to follow a certain recognized standard of care, and if they fail to do so, a case of medical negligence or malpractice may be established.

The personal injury lawyer will start working on your case by ascertaining what happened precisely, as well as collect any evidence. The goal is to establish who is liable for the damages and injuries, while also highlighting the extent and the nature of the damages and injuries. A trial may be required, and the personal injury lawyer will be defending your case while trying to get the best possible compensation for the injuries you suffered.