How to Choose The Best Running Shoes For Ankle Support

Give Your Feet Suitable Cushioning

Going for a run does not require much. Actually, your shoes are the most important thing to consider and therefore they need to be top notch. Many people may experience ankle issues after several weeks of running, and this may be due to the wrong pair of running shoes, or shoes that do not offer sufficient support to your ankles.

If not well-supported during runs, ankles undergo a lot of strain which can lead to ankle instability, repeated ankle sprains, and ankle pain. The ankle has to bear almost the entire body weight, except that of the feet when standing, so it has to be strong enough to withstand the impact of walking and running.

The shoes should also provide maximum support to the tendons, ligaments, and muscles around the ankle joint. The ankle joint, as with other joints is made of bones that are capped with cartilage and surrounded by a capsule. Its strength is dependent on the tendons, ligaments, and muscles around it.

Common Running Injuries. Image credit: The Run Experience

Causes & Cures

The main causes of ankle problems include:

  • incorrect posture while walking
  • improper or ill-fitting footwear
  • too much body weight
  • repeated rolling and twisting of the ankle when running or walking.

This, however, should not worry you. Shoe manufacturers have designed shoes that offer ankle support, and you only need to know what to look out for. Highly regarded sports manufacturers such as New Balance running shoes have a number of models that offer excellent heel cushioning combined with ankle support, such as the 1080v7 running shoe.

In this article, we will give you a few tips on how to choose proper shoes for ankle support, no matter the brand name.

It is important to note that shoes alone or paired with ankle braces may not completely prevent an injury, but additional support from the right shoes will help in reducing stress on your ankle by reducing the amount of wear on the joint. This is because maximum ankle support helps in reducing the ankle movement which is key in prevention of injuries.

Every time you are buying running shoes, always choose shoes that protect your ankles. The shoe you choose should provide support from all sides. Here are some of the aspects that you should put into consideration when choosing a running shoe that is suitable for your ankles.

  1. Find the right size
    Some people may find this obvious, but it cannot be overemphasized. It is crucial to find a shoe that fits properly especially because it protects your foot, leg, and ankle region. Many people assume that they know their shoe size and end up buying the wrong shoe size, therefore, it is necessary that you visit a store where you can have a professional fitting done. Wearing the wrong size of the shoe can lead to injuries.
  1. Look out for arch support
    You must consider your arch which is the most important part of your foot. If you have a low arch with little support, you are likely to have problems with your ankles. You will, therefore, need to buy shoes that have a substantial bend in the arch. It should be firm and flexible while running, and neither too hard nor too soft.
  1. Ensure it has good traction
    Poor traction underneath your running shoe is a major cause of ankle problems. If the shoe does not have a grip and is slippery on the surface, you are likely to slide which can lead to falls and injuries.
  1. Check for sole support
    This is especially important if you have arthritis. Look for a shoe with a thicker sole at the heel so that when your foot strikes the surface, you are able to bounce back with minimal impact. This also helps in reducing the symptoms of arthritis and will reduce stress when running.
  1. Check for lateral support
    If your ankles roll inwards or outwards naturally, then you need to get running shoes that counteract this tendency. This will prevent your ankles from sprains while you run by keeping the stable and in great shape.
New Balance 1080v7 running shoes offer excellent ankle support & cushioning. Image credit: New Balance

Remember, buying a pair of running shoes during the morning hours is not advisable. This is because, in the course of the day, feet tend to swell and are at their largest in the afternoon or early evening. This is the best time to fit shoes, and always ask to be allowed to do a test jog around the store or the lock if possible.

The correct pair of running shoes will help in supporting your ankles, but you may need to also look at some other factors like wearing high heels. Strive to find shoes that allow for maximum body weight distribution across the soles of the feet. Flat shoes with food arch support may be a better option.

It is also advisable that you seek proper advice from a podiatrist. They will give expert advice on the possible causes of your ankle problems if you are experiencing any. They will also do a gait analysis so as to give informed advice on the proper kind of running shoe for your gain and for maximum foot support. They will also advise on the right insoles for you if needed.