7 Ideas to Prolong the Life for your Timber Framed Garage

Help Your Wooden Garage Last a Lifetime

When it comes to ensuring a long life for your home’s garage, we have put together 7 amazing ideas that will make it live longer. This will give you maximum durability, safety, and comfort. Under bad conditions, a wooden garage can last up to 10 years. However, if you take appropriate care of your garage you can increase its life span by another 15 years giving it a life of 20 to 25 years long before being completely rebuilt. We will share with you advice on how to ensure a long life for your wooden garage. Just follow our advice and add value and comfort to your home with a much longer lasting garage that in the long run will save you money on renovations.

The first thing on our list of seven tips is to use a high-quality treatment on your wood during installation and also every few years. Using high-quality treatment will ensure that the effect of its use will last longer and will prolong the lifespan of the wood. Be sure that you treat the wood when it is being installed. You will need to add an extra coating to areas of the wood that will get wet and where pieces connect and interlock because they can get worn down easily.

A Typical Timber Framed Garage with Tiled Roof. Image credit: Pinterest

Another area to coat are the places where the doors make contact with the walls of the garage. Apply extra coatings of high-quality treatment regularly to make your wood last longer. Using treating prevents the wood from being infested by insects, moisture and fungus infections. It preserves the wood in pristine condition and coating should be applied every year.

Another thing you will have to deal with when owning a wooden garage is the wood developing splits. Splitting occurs when the wood is in direct contact with sunlight and they reduce the lifespan of your garage in a big way. You will want to be sure that you coat this wood thoroughly and use the highest rated treatment paint. These don’t guarantee that you will not get splits. Splits happen no matter what you do. We suggest you use wood fillers to fill the cracks in your wood. Choose the highest quality and once the filler dries you can apply treatment paint on the surface of the wood to cover any stains from the filler.

Unfortunately wood deforms over time and that is why you need your wooden garage to be structurally sound and that deformities don’t affect the usage of your garage. You will notice visible spaces between the walls, doors, windows, and roof. These spaces allow for the wood to expand or deform naturally. Don’t fill these gaps as it can cause damage to your garage. The deformity process needs this space to make your garage structurally sound.

You want the interior of your timber framed garage to be as dry as you can get it. A humid interior will shorten the lifespan of a garage and to prevent this you need good ventilation. Having good ventilation prevents mould from growing and other types of fungus that grow in humid conditions. If you still end up having to deal with mould or fungus you will have to call a professional exterminator to fix the problem.

Split & Cracking Timbers. Image credit: Carolina Timberworks

Because of the gaps between beams and column framing, you will need to use insulation in these spaces to prevent the interior temperature of your garage from changing which ultimately affects the wood and its durability. You will need to use fibreglass or polystyrene insulation to fill in these gaps and spaces in between the planks used for framing. Adding insulation will make your garage a comfortable temperature and will prevent any extremes of hot or cold which will warp wood.

To improve the longevity of your garage and the wood it is built with, we suggest you add sealants to the concrete base of the garage and beginning of the wall floor barrier. This will help prevent water from entering the garage. You can also apply sealant to the walls and ceiling to help promote a dry atmosphere that won’t be impacted by any humidity.

The greatest feature of a garage that will last a long time and not break down is a garage that has a properly levelled and dry base. You absolutely need a dry and level base when you are building a wooden garage. A base that is uneven can lead to water leakages and water building up underneath the floor which creates a humid interior and adds to mould being formed within the entirety of the garage. Follow our 7 tips on adding to the life span of your garage you have just read. You will add value to your home as well as comfort and these suggestions can be done easily on a budget.


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