Take a Look Inside the Sky Q 2TB Set-Top Box

Sky Q is synonymous with what many are referring to as the next generation of set-top boxes loaded with impressive features. There are many benefits to be gained from such a system which revolves around the notion of utmost convenience and flexibility, the ability of boosting multiscreen viewing, while eliminating any recording problems.

Sky Q aims to be the best on-demand system for those who really like watching TV and want to avail of a truly dependable, flexible and diversified service. At the heart of this system is the main Sky Q box, which is available in 1TB and 2TB versions.

Needless to say the Sky Q 2TB Set-Top Box is more powerful since it offers up to 350 hours of HD programming. The Sky Q 2TB Set-Top Box has an improved user interface and several built-in apps and accessories. However, we can go into further detail so as to give you an even better idea of what this set-top box can offer you.

The Sky Q box looks great alongside any entertainment set up. Image credit: Expert Reviews

Set-Top Box Features

  • Comes with 12 HD tuners, so one can have 4 for recording, 1 dedicated for a live channel, 1 for PIP, 2 for the mini boxes, 2 for the apps, 1 for data such as images and 1 as a spare. So, one can always be in a position to watch live TV without having to worry that there could be a recording clash.
  • It fully supports Ultra HD and so it is compatible with 4K TVs.
  • Up to 350 hours of HD programming. One can basically record up to four shows simultaneously while also watching a fifth one live.
  • Can stream Sky TV on two tablets or two rooms
  • Airplay enabled

User Interface

The interface has been revamped, and for those who have been using Sky, it may be a bit strange at first. However there is a lot to benefit from this new interface once one gets used to it.

There is the TV mini guide on the left hand side, the menu options on the right are clearly labelled, and everything else is in vertical panels.

The My Q section is a welcome addition as one can see what was watched recently, as well as where a programme was at when it was stopped.

There is the Top Picks recommendation feature which will be based on the viewing history. The recordings are easily found in this new layout too. The interface is all in all more modern and well laid out.

Sky Q Rear Panel. Image credit: Sky Help Forum

Remote Controls

Sky Q 2TB Set-Top Box comes with the traditional remote control as well as a touch remote. This is Bluetooth enabled and so there is the advantage that one does not always have to be in the line of sight of the box to be able to control it. This remote also has a button which will play a high-pitched sound so as to help you find it in case you misplace it. There is also a voice button. The touchpad is quite clever and you may tap and scroll easily once you get used to it.

Sky Q Hub

The Sky Q 2TB Set-Top Box can act as a wi-fi hotspot for Sky Broadband. This is an aspect that is appreciated by many, especially when the signal in certain rooms is not that strong.

Multiscreen Viewing

This is one of the main changes that is marketed by Sky as fluid viewing. The seamless connected experience that users can benefit from thanks to this set-top box is surely a cool way of taking home entertainment to a whole new level. Now, one can pause, resume, record, and do whatever he needs to do, anywhere and anytime with this super-connected arrangement.

Retail Price

The price will depend on whether one is an existing Sky customer. In that case a one-time fee of 99GBP to be able to upgrade to Sky Q is set. New customers will not have to pay this fee but they will be charged 10GBP for the standard installation and monthly payments of 56GBP subsequently. Subscription prices will vary when one adds add-ons to the bundle, such as Sky Cinema or Sky Sports. Multiscreen fees vary as well. In case of the Sky Q 2TB Set-Top Box the fee is 99GBP.

Watch TV anywhere, anytime!

The main aim behind this system is to offer user ultimate convenience and flexibility.

With the capabilities of the Sky Q 2TB Set-Top Box this can surely be made possible. One can sync recordings on tablets, watch favourite shows in different rooms at home while even recording other shows. And to make it as convenient as can be, the box can also be used to watch Sky Q abroad in conjunction with a VPN.

All of this enhances the userís experience, because apart from being multiscreen, and available at oneís home, it is even something that is made available away from home as well. This is basically what is referred to as fluid viewing.

Please note that officially, the Sky Q set-top box is not for sale outside of the United Kingdom. So if you are a British expatriate who has moved or plans to move to Australia from UK for example, then the only way to get your hands on this great little box is via specialist suppliers, like those linked above.